Request Envelopes or a Donation Number

The sixth precept of the Church is to contribute to the support of the church, especially the parish where one receives the Sacraments on a regular basis. The Society of St Pius X relies totally on the faithful it cares for to support its chapels.

While many faithful choose to make weekly contributions by bank transfer or other automated means, many still prefer the traditional cash-in-envelope method. So this cash can be counted as a donation and receive a tax reciept, we are happy to provide printed envelopes with a donation number to place into the collection basket on Holy Days and Sundays.

Faithful can also place money into a regular envelope marked with their donation number, but often pre-printed envelopes are more convenient.

If you are a current parishioner with a donation number you can request envelopes using the form below. If you are a new donor or wish to have your own donation number, you can use this same form below and also request envelopes or simply register your weekly automated donation for tax purposes.