Holy Souls Guild Enrollment

It has long been the custom during the month of November—which Holy Mother Church dedicates to the holy souls in purgatory—to redouble our prayer and have Masses offered for the faithful departed who died in the State of Grace, but are yet in need of purification since they died with unforgiven venial sins on their souls, or not having repaid the temporal consequences due to their sins through adequate penance.

Like a good benefactor, who helps to pay the debt owed by one who has made an error out of Charity, so to the Church calls the faithful to pray and do penance for these souls.

Since there are so few priests, it is impossible for the faithful to have offered a Mass for each soul they should want, and so the long-standing custom is to enroll Catholic family and friends who have died on a list of souls which are placed on the altar duirng the month, and which the priest, when he says Mass, recalls during the Commemoration of the Dead during the Canon of the Mass.

In order to assist in providing relief to the suffering souls, the SSPX in New Zealand is accepting names of the deceased. We will place these names on our the altar of our chapels, and remember them at each Mass during the month of November. You may submit names in the form below.

No stipend is required for this act of charity, but alms given in honour of the Holy Souls certainly are an act of chartity and are gratefully accepted. Such a donation can be made like any regular donation here, by placing money in the collections for this purpose on Sunday at your SSPX chapel, or by giving this money to the priests. These benefactors are also remembered in the daily Rosary offered by the priests and brothers of the SSPX.

In this time of crisis, prayers for the dead have greatly diminished in number and in fervor. So those who realize this need must pray earnestly for the dead during, especially, the month of November.

The Church give added strength and value to our prayers especially during the first week of November. By visiting a church on 1 November, the Feast of All Saints, and there praying the Apostles Creed and the Our Father, a plenary indulgence for the Holy Souls can be gained (freeing at least one souls from Purgatory and granting it immediate entrance to heaven). During the whole octave (1–8 November), each day, by visiting a cemetary and there praying (in any way) for the Holy Souls, one may also gain a plenary indulgence for the faithful departed.

We encourage you to also share this page and effort with other Catholics, and invite them to enroll souls in this list, and pray for these Holy Souls this month.