Women's Ignatian Retreat

8 Jul - 13 Jul
Ipswich (outside Brisbane, QLD)

Retreat for women at Ipswich (outside Brisbane QLD)

Frequent concerns

'I really do not have time.'

We were created by God for only one ultimate purpose: to praise, reverence and serve Him and so doing to save our souls. If we achieve that, our life is a success; if we fail at that, all is a failure. If we cannot make time for God in a serious way by a retreat every few years, then perhaps the short time of our life is being spent for the wrong purpose.

'A week on retreat seems so long when there is so much to do.'

We claim that our greatest hope is to spend eternity in heaven, knowing and loving God and resting in Him. How is it then that we cannot find five days to spend with Him now? Five days doing essentially what we hope to do in heaven, knowing, loving and resting in God? If heaven is not a waste of time, than neither is retreat.

'I am afraid of a General Confession. How will I remember all my sins?'

If many others have succeeded in this, so can we with the help of God’s grace and the guidance of the priests. If others have found it most helpful in the amendment of their lives, so will we. If we still think that a General Confession is hard to face, consider facing the General Judgment, ill-prepared.

Vital to the development of a pro-found Catholic life are periods of quiet peace and reflection.  Maybe we are seeking to overcome our dominant fault; maybe we are trying to discern God’s calling; maybe we are uncertain about an important decision; maybe we just need time to take a deep breath away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and contemplate the beau-tiful mysteries of our Faith. A re-treat is the ideal solution.  It is truly a life-changing experience!

There are a limited number of spaces. To register a deposit of $150 is necessary. Contact the parish +61 (0)7 3278 6607 or email: [email protected] to inform us that you wish to attend.

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