Masses will resume in Auckland

September 09, 2020
Source: Priory Wanganui

Public Mass resumes in Auckland with a "drive-in" Mass on the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, Saturday, 12 September.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church will resume public Masses outdoors using a "drive-in" format to keep the gathering and distance regulations imposed in Auckland, but again, begin providing the only public Mass available in the region.

The present Health Order restricts "social gatherings" to 10 persons, but defines "social gatherings" as people who are intermingling within 2 metres of each other. This means we will keep families and groups of up to 10 persons, more than 2 metres distant on our outdoor property, ideally in their cars, and this will not be a "social gathering" and so allowed.

While we are not legally required to take tracing data, we will do so anyway as a sign of goodwill in trying to keep the spirit of the order (to prevent COVID-19 spread). We will have a QR Code poster for the tracing apps, but also provide this contact tracing form for any ceremonies. The form can be submitted by e-mail to [email protected], or you may bring it with you to the church. Extra forms will be provided at the church for your use if you wish to fill one out there.

Instructions and Guidelines for the "Drive-In" Masses

  1. Enter the property through the gate nearest the mailbox and large oak tree. This provides more direct access to the field next to the church.
  2. An usher will greet you and take your form. A QR code will be available there. This is the ideal time to make your Sunday donation, as ushers will not pass from car to car at the Offertory. With the lockdown we have taken a pretty significant hit on donations, so would appreciate anything you can do to help.
  3. Follow the usher's directions to the parking space you are assigned. Stay there, unless you are going to confession. If you are confessing, then go to the church.
  4. In your vehicle tune your FM radio to the provided frequency which will transmit Father's microphone.
  5. Stay in your vehicle, or if you exit, stay at least 2 metres from all others not in your vehicle. You may kneel or sit next to your vehicle, but please try to keep your vehicle between you and others.
  6. At the time for Communion, Father will pass from group to group. When he approaches, open your windows, or kneel outside the vehicle.
  7. After Father finishes distributing Communion, he will return to the altar. There he will try to look around to see if anyone has been missed. If you have been missed, please signal a server or usher.
  8. After the Mass, please depart promptly, unless you are assisting with serving or ushering. Do not congregate on the property.