Religious Staff

Both Priests and Religious Brothers of the Society of St Pius X make up the religious staff at St Anthony's Priory.


Fr François Laisney was ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1982. He was first assigned to Australia, far from his native France. He has held positions as District Superior of the United States, District Superior of Austrailia, Bursar-General for the SSPX, as well as previoulsy being Prior of St Anthony's in Whanganui from 2005 to 2012. After taking up a post as District Bursar of the Asian District in Singapore, he returned to New Zealand as Prior in January 2018. His responsibilities include :

  • Prior of St Anthony's Priory and Pastor of St Anthony's Church
  • Head of the SSPX in New Zealand
  • Principal of St Anthony's Primary School
  • Principal of St Dominic's College
  • Teaching : Latin at St Dominic's College


Fr Benoît Martin de Clausonne is originally from Normandy in France. After working as an Aeronautical Engineer, he entered the seminary in Ecône, Switzerland and was ordained as a priest for the Society of St Pius X by Msgr Bernard Tissier de Mallerais in June 2006. Assigned initially to the French District, he was sent as a missionary to Gabon then to South Africa and eventually was assigned as Prior of the Society's mission in Zimbabwe. He came to New Zealand in August 2018 where his responsibilities include :

  • Parochial Assistant of St Anthony's Church
  • Pastor of the SSPX missions in New Caledonia and Vanuatu
  • Chaplain of St Anthony's Primary School
  • Chaplain for the Children of Mary, Archconfraternity of St Stephen, and Eucharistic Crusade
  • Responsible for Adult Catechism and Enquiry (Convert) Classes
  • Teaching : Catechism at St Anthony's Primary School


Fr Robert Michael Johnson was born in Maryland in the United States, but spent much of his life in Southern California. He entered the Oblates of St Francis de Sales in 1962, but soon departed due to the Modernistic changes in the order. Another effort to pursue his vocation with the Cistercians also ended due to their Modernism after Vatican II ended. After time in the Air Force, and then as an accountant and business manager, he found the Society of St Pius X, and entered its seminary. Ordained in December 2006 by Msgr Richard Williamson, he has worked in the District of the United States, and afterward Australia, before coming to New Zealand in 2016. Here his responsibilities include :


Fr Ian Andrew Palko was also born in Maryland in the United States, and grew up in Annapolis. After obtaining a Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas in 2004, he worked in industry for several years, then taught History, Chemistry, Biology, Catholic Doctrine, and Music at St Vincent de Paul Academy in Kansas City, Missouri for four years before entering St Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota. Ordained by Bishop Bernard Fellay among the first class of the new Dillwyn, Virgina seminary in July 2017, his first assignment was in New Zealand. He subsequently earned a Graduate Diploma in Secondard Education in 2019. Here his responsibilities include :

  • Pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Dean of the St Augustine Boys' School of St Dominic's College
  • Chaplain to the Bosco Cadets
  • Coordinator for the Militia Immaculatæ
  • Teaching : Introduction to Scholastic Philosophy, Introduction to Scripture, Church History and Apologetics at St Dominic's College

Coadjutor Brothers

Br Bartholomew Demafeliz hails from the Philippines and perfomed his novitiate at St Bernard's Novitiate in Iloilo in the Phillipines. He has been assigned to the Whanganui Priory since 2010. His responsibilities include :

  • Building and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Priory Cooking
  • Church, Priory and School Grounds


Br Vincent Mary Rustila also hails from the Philippines and perfomed his novitiate at St Bernard's Novitiate in Iloilo in the Phillipines. He has been assigned to the Whanganui Priory since 2013. His responsibilities include :

  • Management of the Sacistry
  • Accounting
  • Assistant for the Bosco Cadets
  • Training for the Archconfraternity of St Stephen
  • Priory, Church and School Laundry