Retreat Registration

Saint Anthony's Priory offers at least two retreats every year, one for men and one for women, at different camps and retreat centres around the New Zealand.

To register for a retreat fill out the form below or conact the priory at [email protected] or on +64 6-344 3814.

This form will send your information to the retreat coordinator, but please note that full payment or at least a NZ $50 deposit is required to secure a space on the retreat. This payment can be submitted by posting a check, by Bank Transfer (NZ Acct : 03-0791-0293304-000), or by PayPal

You will receive a confirmation e-mail or phone call from the Prory staff. Please do not book travel until you have received this confirmation of booking (not merely of payment).

Please select a retreat date.
Please enter the given names of the retreatant.
Please enter the family name of the retreatant.
Please tell us where you attend Mass
Please enter an e-mail address for confirmation and contact.
Please enter a phone number for the retreatant or guardian.
Please enter your occupation (e.g. Builder, Student, Homemaker)
Enter the retreatants date of birth. Please note, only those who will be 16 years old before the retreat may register.
Please select any special needs which apply to the retreatant.
Please enter any medically-prescribed dietary restriction. Self-imposed restriction cannot be honoured.
Please select how you will or have paid.